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Building Trust Ecosystems Powered by Credentials

In todays digital world verifying and sharing credentials is complex for individuals and organizations.


Wipro Lab45 created Wipro DICE ID, a blockchain enabled platform to help issue and verify tamper-proof credentials with a vision to revolutionise credential exchange for a more trustworthy, inclusive digital society.

DICE ID : Building Trust Ecosystems Powered by Credentials

One Platform Manifold Applications

Wipro DICE ID is based on open standards and provides an elegant solution to support various industries

Digital Consent

Preserve users’ privacy & confidentiality while sharing data.

Device Passport

Bring trust and transparency in the device lifecycle management.

Metaverse & Web 3.0

Create sybil resistant communities through pseudonymous identity for avatars.

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Credentials Explained

Credentials are documents that can be used to prove who you are or what you are capable of. The problem of verifying and sharing credentials in a digital world is becoming increasingly complex, creating challenges for individuals and organizations. These challenges include the lack of trust in online credentials, the time and cost associated with manual verification processes, and the potential for fraud and misrepresentation.


Verifiable Credentials provide an elegant solution to these challenges. They are digital representations of claims about an individual or an entity that can be cryptographically verified by anyone. The need for VC’s came from the need to establish trust and identity in digital transactions using a privacy respecting method, where it is not possible to rely on availability of issuer for verification.

Key Features of Wipro DICE ID

DICE ID Feature Instant Verification

Instant Verification

DICE ID Feature Contactless Verification

Contactless Authentication

DICE ID Feature Privacy Centric & Portable

Privacy Centric & Portable

DICE ID Feature Self Soverign


DICE ID Feature No Vendor Lock

No Vendor Lock-in

DICE ID Feature Rotation of Keys

Rotation of Keys

DICE ID Feature Tamper Proof

Tamper Proof

DICE ID Feature Trustworthy Ecosystem

Trustworthy Ecosystem

DICE ID Feature Ease of Implementation

Ease of Implementation

Member Organisations

DICE ID Partner Topcoder
DICE ID Partner Moneyone
DICE ID Partner mindworks
DICE ID Partner Digital Academy 360
DICE ID Partner Worrk
DICE ID Partner Netskill
DICE ID Partner Vision Unlimited
DICE ID Partner Skydoc
DICE ID Partner Raxa
DICE ID Partner Blitz learning

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