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Wipro Launches Blockchain-Based Credential Issue, Verify Platform

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Wipro Lab45, the innovation lab of global system integrator and solution provider Wipro, Wednesday unveiled its new Decentralized Identity and Credential Exchange, or Wipro DICE ID, a new platform which uses blockchain technology to securely and quickly allow users to share private information online.

Wipro DICE ID lets organizations provide tamperproof digital credentials, said Varun Dube, general manager of the Wipro DICE ID platform.

“With digital credentials, you need to go back to the issuing organization to verify the credentials,” Dube told CRN. “This is a time-consuming and expensive process. But with Wipro DICE ID, you get credentials that can be verified without the need to go to the originating organization.”

For instance, Dube said, if a job applicant claims to have a master’s in engineering, a business would have to contact the school to verify that master’s. Wipro DICE ID would eliminate the need for that manual process, he said.

Wipro DICE ID was created by Wipro Lab45 and quietly launched in August of 2022 as an open standard, Dube said.

“Now if someone issues a credential to our platform, any other organization on the platform can quickly verify that credential,” he said.

Blockchain technology is an essential part of the process, Dube said.

“The credentials themselves are not stored in blockchain,” he said. “That would make them public. Instead, we use blockchain to store the structure of the credentials, and so the credentials themselves are very private. Verifying a credential on Wipro DICE ID interprets the credential from the structure in the blockchain.”

There is a wide range of potential use cases for a blockchain-based credential issuing and verifying solution, Dube said.

The Bengaluru, India-based company already has healthcare companies using Wipro DICE ID to verify client information, educational institutions to verify credentials, and businesses looking to verify freelancers, he said.

“We assume there will be multiple ecosystems on the platform,” he said.

Wipro’s DICE ID platform is available at no charge for up to 200,000 transactions, after which customers will pay to access it, Dube said. Users can either integrate Wipro’s APIs for issuing and verifying credentials, or can join the company’s network to get access to production-ready Docker containers to get started, he said.

Going forward, Wipro expects to continuing enhancing the user experience of the Wipro DICE ID platform, he said.

Wipro has a long history of providing blockchain-based solutions around the world, including helping manage hydrocarbon transactions for oil and gas companies and helping manage the supply chains of pharmaceutical and medical organizations, he said.



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