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How does the Ecosystem Work?

How DICE ID ecosystem works
Credential Issuer

Issues credentials to the user based on the available information given by the user  

Credential Holder (User)

User's information is stored in a secured wallet and the Issuer issues the credentials to the user and Verifier grants the access. 

It enables individuals, organizations, and machines to hold their identity in a secured wallet.​

Proof Verifier

Responsible for verifying the credentials to grant/deny access accordingly.

Installation Methods

DICE ID Installation Method Hosted

APIs for quick integration


We have done the hosting for you.

In just few simple steps you can utilize the APIs and you can integrate it in a jiffy

DICE ID Installation Method Do it Yourself

Do your own hosting

We will provide you the docker images and you can follow the guide to do the hosting   

Take it for a test drive

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